• Horse Blanket Washing Prices (Revised: September 1, 2020)
  • Blankets  – Heavy   (Depends upon construction, overall weight and how dirty – We reserve the right to refuse )                                                        $30 plus 
  • Normal Winter Blanket______________________________         $20
  • Fly Sheet/Cotton Sheet/Coolers/Single Layer Sheets/Hoods          $15
  • English Pads                                                                                       $4

Western Pads    – We no longer accept any western pads for cleaning

Pricing for Repairs

Range $8 – $45 with most repairs ranging between $12-$15..

If a blanket appears to be costly to repair –  we will contact you  prior to repair.


We send an email with an invoice that can be paid online, when the blankets have been returned to the drop points.